And the tour begins

We are so excited that we are moving forward with the Barista Tour in Midland.

Below you will find all the coffeehouses that are on the tour. This page will be updated with the tour’s what’s and what.

If you are on the pre-registration email distribution list, you will be the first to know that it is new and be able to register for one of the limited spots on the tour!

Thanks for your interest & support Midland!

Friends make the world beautiful.

Each week I send out short surveys for those registered to provide input and interests for the coffeehouses to decide better what they will offer on the tours. Below are the results to date. I will update these each week.

1. Which do you prefer:
2. Temperature preference:

Want to add your voice to the previous surveys? Click on the links below to be taken to each of the surveys that have been sent out:

April 19, 2023 Email Update Survey #1

Coffeehouses on the Tour

I have spoken to the coffeehouses below and/or communicated their interest in participating. Please note that this is not a complete list of coffeehouses in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

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