What is Get Savvy? Who is Get Savvy?

Get Savvy is the brainchild of Karen Kleinwort, and we’d like to share a little about her. Her passion, desire to help others, and focus on finding solutions is the reason why Get Savvy is the small business solution for you. Ready to meet her? Read on …

Welcome! I’m so happy that you are here and that you’ve decided to come along on my journey to success.

What’s my philosophy?

I am passionate about finding solutions for you and achieving success. Purposefully working with you and your needs to create the solutions necessary for you to succeed. I intentionally collaborate with you to set your goals. Your goals will be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. You are brilliant and because of this, your goals need to be SMART! Through this intention, you move easily to achieve the outcome you are seeking.

It’s why together we will be Purposefully Creating while Intentionally Moving. Reaching more than one or two clients a day was my purpose for creating Get Savvy.

Since 2006 I have worked with many clients who are still enjoying their life-changing success. My initial coaching practice was unique. I was the pioneer in the concept of holistic coaching – one of the first to incorporate Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and Regression Therapy into my coaching sessions. Still incorporating the mind, body, and spiritual elements into my practice today has allowed my clients to continue to grow and succeed.

As a Get Savvy Go-Gether, you will receive all the same tools and resources along with small, intimate group coaching sessions.

Sacred Space

Each coaching session for my private clients is held with an intention. We are establishing a sacred space in which we share, collaborate, support, and create. Therefore, meeting my clients from the comfort of their own space – home office, corporate office, coffee shop, or kitchen (we all know the kitchen is our favorite gathering place) via Skype or Zoom at a time convenient for both our schedules, every week is something I enjoy. Life can throw a curve ball into our schedules at any given time, which is why being flexible with rescheduling is always an option.

As a Get Savvy member, we too will meet you where you are. You are able to work at your own pace through the self-directed coaching program, worksheets, workbooks, audio lessons, and courses. The intention with each portion of our program is to support your ‘whole being’. As we create more offerings and resources, they are created with the ‘whole’ you in mind.

Comfortable, Trustworthy

Clients work with people they feel comfortable with; it’s why I am dedicated to meeting you in a safe, emotionally supportive way when we are working towards your goals in business and life. For my private clients, my phone is always on ~ consider it a virtual version of my door is always open. My clients are able to call, text, email, etc at any time. I make myself available to support them when they need me most. Here as a member, you too will receive the same support from our member support team.

Sustainability is a challenge for so many businesses – it’s why we incorporate the mind, body, and spirit into our SMART goal setting. I truly believe when you set goals that are values aligned, then you will have a greater opportunity at succeeding and exceeding your goals. And so too is it here at Get Savvy.

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Purposeful, Intentional, and Sustainable is my tripod approach to supporting you while you grow your business and thrive.

Thank you for being here, and being part of my journey I am grateful to be part of yours.


P.S. Still want to know more about me? Click here.

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