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🚀 Welcome to the BizBlitz Survey! Let’s embark on a journey of business brilliance with BizBlitz, where your insights pave the way for an even more vibrant Women’s Business Resource Community!

This survey is your backstage pass to shape the future of our community by sharing your thoughts on coaching, accountability, and the support systems you crave.

Your opinions are the heartbeat of this community, and we want to ensure that every aspect resonates with your aspirations. As a cherished resident, your perspectives will not only enhance the current offerings but also carve the path for exciting additions.

We believe that your success fuels our success, and the BizBlitz Survey is your platform to make your voice heard.

Share your wisdom, and let’s co-create the Village, a community that truly aligns with your business dreams. Your input is the compass guiding us towards a future where every member thrives!

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This helps us to pinpoint the areas where you feel coaching will be most beneficial and provides insight into your immediate needs. It will also allow us to create courses and workshops as an alternate solution.
This question help us know what intensity and structure of coaching sessions you prefer, whether you prefers regular check-ins, occasional deep dives, etc.
This question aims to identify potential gaps in the current resources or support structures we are offering.
This question encourages you to think creatively about how WBRC can better support your unique situation.
Your response helps us to pinpoint the exact aspects of small businesses where coaching would be beneficial, providing more clarity on requirements.
The responses allows us to understand the specific actions needed so we can tailor our coaching resources and support within the community to meet those needs.
This question help us to identify the aspects of coaching that have proven most effective for people. Which provide insights into the types of support that resonate well with small business owners.

Business Coaching Survey

As part of my commitment to bringing you the resources you need, I have included in the Women’s Business Resource Community, monthly business coaching sessions that are FREE for you to participate in. You can find these on the calendar of events. By becoming a Visither (free) member in the WBRC, you do more than unlock a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and resources. You and your business will thrive! Making the necessary adjustments to this offering will be directly from the feedback received through the above survey responses.

Free Skills Training

Here in the the Women’s Business Resource Community, we know first hand how challenging it is to learn new skills. With your survey results, we can add onto the topics of time management, work-life balance, prioritization, communication, leadership, or mindset. We can adjust the monthly skills training via Zoom schedule that are FREE for members to participate in. You can find these on the calendar of events as well. Also, by becoming a FREE member in the WBRC, you unlock access to these trainings, networking, and collaboration.

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