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What’s Included
  • 1 private coaching session with a seasoned business coach with 20+ years of experience.
  • All-access pass to the workshops, masterclasses, and live trainings.
  • 2-month FREE access to the full library of workbooks, worksheets, and audio lessons. Additionally free access to the self-directed leadership, communication, beginner courses on the Women’s Business Resource Community (WBRC).
  • 4 Small group coaching sessions with a maximum 15 peer women business owners.
  • FREE Go-Gether Pro coaching
What You’ll Be Doing
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  • Learning strategies from a 20+ year experienced coach who’s been where you are.
  • Identifying time you didn’t know you had; also learning to better prioritize and manage your time.
  • Applying effective strategies allowing you to shift your mindset and inner stories to increase your confidence.
  • Find clarity around what has been holding you back, so you can get out of your own way.
What You Will Get
  • A clear understanding of the strategies you need and why you need them.
  • Gain clarity on what a successful business will look like for you. Each business is unique, your solutions will be unique to you and your business.
  • Finally, a clear roadmap to follow in achieving the goals you set out for yourself and your business.
  • Additionally, get advanced tools you will use to enhance what you implement today to continue to grow your business tomorrow.
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