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Become part of something bigger, deeper, and personal. Choose to which level of the Women’s Business Resource Community you want to participate in. No matter which level, you choose, the Village has a place for you, with the support you need to succeed.


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Learning to Lead

Experience greater success with the Women’s Business Resource Center Neighbher level: Invest in your future and unlock lifelong learning – with powerful self-directed courses, workbooks, worksheets and small group coaching.

WBRC Neighbher membership for less than $2/day.


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Next Level Coaching

Gain clarity and confidence with the Women’s Business Resource Community C-Suither membership. Immerse yourself in executive level private coaching, self-directed courses, workbooks, and worksheets and more. All designed to help you accelerate your business success.

Investing in the WBRC C-Suite – priceless!

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to unlock success—become a Women’s Business Resource Community member today!

Daily Strategy Articles❤️❤️
Audio Lessons❤️❤️
10% Discount on Products❤️❤️
10% Referral Dividend❤️❤️
Online Courses
– Beginner❤️❤️
– Intermediate❤️❤️
– Advanced❤️
Group Coaching
– Group Coaching❤️
– Small Group Coaching (max 5)❤️
Private Coaching
– Weekly 45-minute sessions❤️
Get Savvy Today!Get Savvy Today!

Registration is Open for ALL membership levels

Looking for something a little more than becoming a member? Consider the following two programs:

Become an Innovateher with our

Breathe, Believe, Become Mastermind with Karen

Join in the next Breathe Believe Become Mastermind 16-week session. Registration now open
  • We guide you through building emotional intelligence and resilience to maintain a sense of calm and control through the roughest and toughest of times.
  • You’ll learn tools and strategies for cultivating emotional resilience and adaptability to move through and find the success you’re seeking in business.
  • Also, we’ll be guiding you in elevating your business confidence and mastering communication to help you bridge these gaps and become a more visionary leader.
  • Additionally, you’ll walk away from each working session feeling empowered with strategies to enhance your digital footprint and more connected with your audience.
  • We’ll meet every week for 16-weeks for 90-minutes with 5 other small women business owners; you get the support you need to learn new strategies and new perspectives that lead to new solutions.

You can also join Karen for 4-weeks as a Business Buildher

It’s time to create swift and effortless strategies to acquire new loyal customers for your business before the holiday season kicks in, without giving away the profits.

Karen helps you do this less than the cost of a Dinner Date

Get Savvy Expert Advice | Master Time Management | Be Bold Get Savvy Small Business Solutions

Are you tired of constantly falling short of your goals year after year?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 95% of small businesses in the US don’t hit their annual goals ... 8% of small businesses fail within their first year, 50% after five years, and 65% by year 10.

Karen’s on a mission to change that.

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